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“Leyla provided a safe haven and has shown me unwavering commitment which was so important to me, and I feel like I have been reborn. Thank you with all my heart.”

I have suffered from anxiety and depression all of my life. Going into therapy was a scary process and one that I’d put off for many years because i was frightened that I might not cope if I opened everything up about my past.  Leyla offered me a safe place to vent, cry, and grieve for my lost childhood and she helped me recognise that I was not a ‘bad or broken person’. The counselling process has been a liberating and empowering experience for me and for the first time ever in my life I feel a sense of worth”.

Leyla is a pleasure to work with and learn from. She is a straight talker (which I like) and says things as they are. Her method of working is utterly calm, professional, collaborative and engaging. I would throughly recommend her and would encourage anyone who could do with that ‘extra help’ to get in touch and start your own journey”

The Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course has given me the tools and skills to help find calmness in situations which I used to find stressful. The growing ability to take a step back, pause, see things for what they are, and live in the moment is a good way to summarise how I have started to approach every day. I have found in general I can see things a lot clearer and if I feel myself becoming anxious, I have the tools to be able to find my secure base, breath and stay present in the moment”.