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“Leyla provided a safe haven and has shown me unwavering commitment which was so important to me, and I feel like I have been reborn. Thank you with all my heart.”

“By going to Leyla for counselling I recognised that my experiences and reactions in my present day relationships were identified and clearly linked to encounters from the past, which helped me to form and understanding and separate from them”

“I have struggled with my weight all of my life and have tried every diet under the sun. What I have learned from my counselling sessions is that I was using food to stop my true feelings from my past from resurfacing. The process has helped me beyond measure and I have developed an inner resourcefulness I never knew I had. I was able to identify my triggers to over eating and I have learned how to overcome them and this has allowed me to maintain a weight that I am truly happy with”.

“I wish I had counselling sooner than I did.  I was able to recognise that my work life balance was not good. I put so much time and effort into work that my relationships had suffered, my health was poor and I was miserable. I can at last leave work feeling that I have done enough and tomorrow is another day!”