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About Leyla Swan Counselling and Therapy Services

I began my counselling career over 18 years ago working for HM Prison Service where I provided post incident support to members of staff. Since then I have gone on to gain a BSc degree in Integrative Counselling at Roehampton University (2009). I have recently completed training for Counselling for Depression (CFD) within the NHS which is a NICE guidelines approved psycotherapeutic intervention targeting individuals with depression. I am a qualified Mindfulness teacher and currently facilitate Mindfulness groups within the NHS.

As well as working as a Psychotherapist/Counsellor in private practice, I also work as an NHS Psychological Therapist in primary care. I have extensive and varied experience particularly in the areas of anger, depression and anxiety. I also work with childhood trauma and how this may present in the body through illness, physical pain or perhaps maladaptive ways of thinking or behaving.

I am also an independent accredited Family Group Conference Coordinator. I have previously helped numerous families develop personal care plans for children at risk. I have worked in partnership with families, social services and other professional agencies. This involved identifying support for lone parents with alcohol or substance misuse, domestic violence, offending or potential offending behaviour of a child or young person or problems with school attendance or behaviour. I am able to use this experience to work with families who may require support in a solution focussed way to address any problems they are experiencing and improve their situation.

Having also had over 18 years experience within the fitness industry. I have found that combining my counselling and coaching skills has proved successful in supporting clients with weight and self image related issues. This led to my involvement with community based obesity programmes, educating adults and children about healthy eating and active lifestyle change. I have also developed and presented my own workshops for adults who struggle with their weight. Although I am no longer involved in any community based projects I still like to keep fit and enjoy teaching fitness classes several times per week. I also like to practice mindfulness daily and have found that incorperating this skill within my work has enabled clients to develop a way to free themselves from emotional distress and nourish their capacity for wholness and healing.